Cable Hauling

Micro Infotech Have teams of fully trained personnel and specialized equipment to pull low voltage to high voltage and any size of cable.

Cable Hauling requires careful arranging, qualified administrators and consistent thoughtfulness regarding arrive at the ideal end state. At Micro Infotech Pty Ltd we have fabricated our believed notoriety through tirelessness and best in operating procedure Genuine availability is just pretty much as solid as the pathway it takes.

Our dedicated cable traction devices include various sizes, cable trailers, drum stands, cable rollers, and guides that can be used anywhere. Capable of handling cable drums and cable rails of all sizes and weights

Particular establishments, for example, cable pulling require expert technicians. Our thoroughly prepared group of operators are profoundly talented and motivated experts. Working in a group climate depends on successful correspondence and trust. Alongside their specialized abilities, these center characteristics are likewise educated in our preparation bundles guaranteeing our team members’ overall capacity.

Fiber optic establishment and support has created at a fast rate because of the always expanding job innovation plays in our everyday lives. This flexibility separates us and builds up our situation as a market innovator. Our submitted group remains intensely mindful of these obligations when they attempt any of our activities, which range from complex common development through to business and private properties.